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  1. [CNN] Report: J.Lo, Ben delay wedding
  2. [MSNBC] ‘Gigli’ is really a bad movie
  3. [BILLBOARD] J. Lo, Britney Considering TV Talk Shows
  4. [CNN] Report: Affleck, Lopez set wedding date
  5. [MTVNEWS] J. Lo-Ben Split Due To Gambling And Mom's Two Cents, Magazine Report Says
  6. [MTVNEWS] Ben And J. Lo Broken Up?
  7. [CNN] Jennifer Lopez to produce sister's talk show
  8. [JLo.net] South Beach update: reduced to 8 episodes
  9. [JLo.net] The Conga Room is moving
  10. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez eyes Mad Hot Ballroom role
  11. [JLo.net] This week's new JLO shoes styles
  12. [JLo.net] Lopez And Kwatinetz : The Battle Of Who Could Care Less
  13. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez Buys A German Shepherd
  14. [JLo.net] Pirelli Calendar leaked on eBay
  15. [JLo.net] Up to 52% off select JLO Shoes
  16. [JLo.net] A Jennifer Lopez pokes fun at THE Jennifer Lopez in new E! ad
  17. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez sends gift basket to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's baby Violet
  18. [JLo.net] New JLo Shoes styles at Zappos this week
  19. [JLo.net] 10 New JLo Handbags styles this week
  20. [JLo.net] New JLo.net Contest Starting Jan. 1st
  21. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez poses in David LaChapelle's new book Artists and Prostitutes
  22. [JLo.net] Happy Hannukah
  23. [JLo.net] British Girls Admire Lopez
  24. [JLo.net] Arrest in J.Lo and Anthony extortion scandal
  25. [JLo.net] Video: High Quality "Live" Commercial
  26. [JLo.net] 2005: A J. Lo Story
  27. [JLo.net] Free Sample of Live Jennifer Lopez
  28. [JLo.net] J.Lo flick is 'Carmen' apart
  29. [JLo.net] The JLo.net January Contest is now open!
  30. [JLo.net] Day 2 of the JLo.net January contest
  31. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez doesn't put up with smug director
  33. [JLo.net] Love at First Glow By JLO
  34. [JLo.net] Video: Jennifer on Saturday Night Live
  35. [JLo.net] Vanessa Williams on Regis & Kelly 1/10
  36. [JLo.net] Q&A with Jennifer Lopez in February Latina Magazine
  37. [JLo.net] New Song Leaked
  38. [JLo.net] George Clooney's vision of the perfect woman includes Jennifer Lopez
  39. [JLo.net] "South Beach" ratings a disaster
  40. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez starring in new movie Bridge and Tunnel
  41. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez Drives LL Cool J to Lose His Cool
  42. [JLo.net] Ja Rule to guest star on "South Beach"
  43. [JLo.net] Another round of Jennifer Lopez baby rumors
  44. [JLo.net] Jennifer in Young Magazine, February 2006
  45. [JLo.net] Calling all superfans in the LA/Miami/NYC area
  46. [JLo.net] No Baby Yet For Jen & Marc
  47. [JLo.net] Lopez remarries
  48. [JLo.net] Last day to enter contest
  49. [JLo.net] Video: Jennifer Lopez on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - 1/23/06
  50. [JLo.net] JLO's Love At First GLOW -First Choice for Teens
  51. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez loves a good wedding
  53. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony concert wraps up "El Cantante" shoot
  54. [JLo.net] Jennifer Shoots Ad For Soap
  55. [JLo.net] UPN & The WB networks merging into The CW
  56. [JLo.net] Video: Jennifer Lopez True Hollywood Story
  57. [JLo.net] JLo.net Contest Winners!
  58. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony have separate trailers on set
  59. [JLo.net] Help Make "Control Myself" A Success Campaign
  60. [JLo.net] More Baby Rumors.....
  61. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez Refuses To Stop Making Music
  62. [JLo.net] Free Love At First Glow Sample and Contest
  63. [JLo.net] JLO Open Casting Call
  64. [JLo.net] "Control Myself" Video Premieres Monday
  65. [JLo.net] Video: Jennifer Lopez on Access Hollywood
  66. [JLo.net] Video: Jennifer Lopez on The Insider
  67. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez rallies Hispanic community to donate bone marrow
  68. [JLo.net] Check Out All New SHOPJLO Website!
  69. [JLo.net] Reminder: "Control Myself" Premiere Today
  70. [JLo.net] Video: "Control Myself" Music Video
  71. [JLo.net] New spring styles for JLo Shoes
  72. [JLo.net] 1997 Jennifer Lopez movie Blood and Wine now on DVD
  74. [JLo.net] Lopez, Lagerfeld Close NY Fashion Week
  75. [JLo.net] UK Psychic Predicts JLo is Pregnant
  76. [JLo.net] More new JLo Shoes for Spring
  77. [JLo.net] Lopez's Latin Staying Power
  78. [JLo.net] Milan gets star treatment as fashion goes royal chic
  79. [JLo.net] "Control Myself" Debuts on Hot 100
  80. [JLo.net] Video: Jennifer Lopez introduces a singer at the 78th Academy Awards
  81. [JLo.net] Video: Academy Awards Post-Show Interview
  82. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's Oscar After-Party Plans
  83. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez paid $25,000 for her vintage Oscar dress
  84. [JLo.net] Video: Various Red Carpet clips from the Academy Awards
  85. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez's Pick for Best Dressed
  86. [JLo.net] Marc Anthony says JLo is destined for the stage
  87. [JLo.net] Psychic says Merle Oberon contacted him from beyond the grave - about JLo
  88. [JLo.net] Valentino expected Jennifer Lopez to wear his dress to the Oscars
  89. [JLo.net] New Spring and Summer Shoes from JLo by Jennifer Lopez
  90. [JLo.net] Argentinean director Alejandro Chomski to direct Reggaeton
  91. [JLo.net] Slow Growth on Hot 100
  92. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez Does Dallas
  93. [JLo.net] Site News: Comments
  94. [JLo.net] JLo splits with hairdresser
  95. [JLo.net] "Control Myself" Begins Descent on Hot 100
  96. [JLo.net] J.R. thinks Jennifer Lopez is perfect for part of Sue Ellen Ewing
  97. [JLo.net] More new Spring/Summer JLo Shoes
  98. [JLo.net] ShopJLo.com St. Patty's Day Sale + 10% off coupon
  99. [JLo.net] Video: LL Cool J Performs
  100. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez concert in Dubai
  101. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria set for movie written by JLo
  102. [JLo.net] New Spring and Summer JLo Shoes
  103. [JLo.net] "Control Myself" Drops Off Billboard
  104. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez Heading Overseas to Perform Live!
  105. [JLo.net] Lopez Credits "Cristina" for Singing Career Launch
  106. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez on spinach diet to increase fertility
  107. [JLo.net] J'Lo's lucky 13
  108. [JLo.net] Rumors about Ragheb Alama and Jennifer Lopez movie false
  109. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez in adoption rumours
  110. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez sues ex Ojani Noa
  111. [JLo.net] "Control Myself" Finally Available on iTunes
  112. [JLo.net] News from JenniferLopez.com
  113. [JLo.net] More information on Bulgaria concert
  114. [JLo.net] Easter Sale @ ShopJLO.com starting tomorrow
  115. [JLo.net] Jennifer on the May cover of Harper's Bazaar
  116. [JLo.net] More bits from the upcoming issue of Harper's Bazaar
  117. [JLo.net] Simon Cowell tears down JLo's former house
  118. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez Sued
  119. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez honored with Women in Film Crystal Award
  120. [JLo.net] Montreal singer, Karl Wolf, to open for Jennifer Lopez in Dubai
  121. [JLo.net] "Control Myself" re-enters Billboard Chart at #4
  122. [JLo.net] Info About Next English Album Revealed In Harper's Bazaar Interview
  123. [JLo.net] Dallas director confirms JLO and John Travolta to star
  124. [JLo.net] "Control Myself" Drops Again on Hot 100
  125. [JLo.net] People En Espanol Honors Jennifer Lopez
  126. [JLo.net] JLO rethinks doing "Dallas"; changes talent agencies
  127. [JLo.net] JLO declines Georgia's $500k offer to help their wine industry
  128. [JLo.net] "Control Myself" Plummets on Hot 100
  129. [JLo.net] Video: Costume Institute Gala Clips
  130. [JLo.net] Photos: 2006 NCLR ALMA Awards
  131. [JLo.net] Video: 2006 NCLR ALMA Awards Clip
  132. [JLo.net] Video: More ALMA Awards Clips
  133. [JLo.net] Photos: Time Magazine's 100 Most Influential People Celebration
  134. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez Tour Cancelled
  135. [JLo.net] More info regarding the Bulgaria concert cancellation
  136. [JLo.net] "Control Myself" comes in at #40 on Billboard this week
  137. [JLo.net] Miss Bulgaria sues JLO over cancelled concert
  138. [JLo.net] Could Jennifer Lopez really be pregnant this time?
  139. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez auctioning her clothes at Overstock.com for charity
  140. [JLo.net] "Control Myself" #66 on Hot 100
  141. [JLo.net] MTV Shows Off J. Lo's "Moves"
  142. [JLo.net] J.Lo avoids legal action
  143. [JLo.net] "Control Myself" Falls Slightly
  144. [JLo.net] Jennifer Garner Turned Down 'Dallas' Because of Jennifer Lopez
  145. [JLo.net] Photos: Jennifer shopping in Beverly Hills
  146. [JLo.net] "CM" Continues Descent on Hot 100
  147. [JLo.net] Reminder: ALMA Awards Tonight
  148. [JLo.net] Video: Marc's Tribute and Jennifer at the 2006 ALMA Awards
  149. [JLo.net] Photos: 2006 Crystal and Lucy Awards
  150. [JLo.net] Video: 2006 Crystal and Lucy Awards
  151. [JLo.net] Last Week on Hot 100 for CM?
  152. [JLo.net] Video: More 2006 Crystal and Lucy Awards
  153. [JLo.net] Video: E! Entertainment at Crystal and Lucy Awards
  154. [JLo.net] JLo cancelled European tour to go on tour with Marc Anthony
  155. [JLo.net] J.Lo Attends Puerto Rican Day Parade
  156. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez wins court case over I'm Glad video
  157. [JLo.net] Man pleads guilty to stealing Jennifer Lopez-Marc Anthony wedding video
  158. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez comes in at 59 on Forbes list
  159. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez laughs off Scientology rumors
  160. [JLo.net] Live Luxe by Jennifer Lopez Perfume coming soon
  161. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez was surprise performer at Gay Pride Pier Dance yesterday
  162. [JLo.net] New Jennifer Lopez Shoes!
  163. [JLo.net] Preview of Jennifer Lopez in this week's In Touch Weekly
  164. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez fan videos from Gay Pride 2006
  165. [JLo.net] Waiting for Tonight performance at Gay Pride
  166. [JLo.net] JLo stops ex from publishing tell-all book; now he claims she casts Voodoo spells on her men
  167. [JLo.net] More Jennifer Lopez vids from Gay Pride NY
  168. [JLo.net] Lopez donates to Clinton Re-election Campaign
  169. [JLo.net] Happy Birthday Jennifer Lopez, and JLo.net!
  170. [JLo.net] Marc says Jen has always been his muse
  171. [JLo.net] Jen's Night in Jail Reportedly Being Put In Book
  172. [JLo.net] Video: Extra - Live Luxe Behind the Scene
  173. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez drops out of Dallas remake
  174. [JLo.net] Small mention in Life & Style
  175. [JLo.net] Anthony And Lopez Duet Onstage
  176. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez lingerie coming to Israel
  177. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez to produce ‘Echo Park’ tv show for FX
  178. [JLo.net] Attorneys Seek Arbitration in Lopez/Noa Case
  179. [JLo.net] New rumor says John Travolta had Jennifer Lopez kicked off Dallas
  180. [JLo.net] Jesse McCartney apologizes for Jennifer Lopez pregnancy rumor
  181. [JLo.net] "Jennifer Lopez isn't curvy" says Charlotte Church
  182. [JLo.net] El Cantante at the Toronto International Film Festival
  183. [JLo.net] Photos: Swizz Beatz's Birthday
  184. [JLo.net] Photos: MTV 2006 Video Music Awards
  185. [JLo.net] Video: Jennifer Presenting at the 2006 MTV VMAs
  186. [JLo.net] Video: 2006 MTV VMAs Red Carpet and News Coverage
  187. [JLo.net] Photos: On-Stage at the MTV 2006 Video Music Awards
  188. [JLo.net] Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale buy Jennifer Lopez's old house
  189. [JLo.net] Video: More 2006 MTV VMAs Red Carpet Coverage
  190. [JLo.net] Subscribe to the JLo.net YouTube Channel
  191. [JLo.net] New JLo Shoes for Fall and Winter
  192. [JLo.net] Video: Part 1 of Interview on Primer Impacto - Como Ama Una Mujer
  193. [JLo.net] Interview with Jen in the October 2006 Issue of Latina
  194. [JLo.net] Video: Part 2 of Interview on Primer Impacto
  195. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez jealous of Marc Anthony dancing with friend Selma Fonseca
  196. [JLo.net] More new J. Lo Shoes
  197. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe iPod Giveaway
  198. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez Says New Single Came From Marc Anthony's Dream
  199. [JLo.net] Photos: Toronto International Film Festival "El Cantante" Premiere
  200. [JLo.net] Photos: "El Cantante" After Party
  201. [JLo.net] Video: Extra and Access Hollywood at "El Cantante" Premiere
  202. [JLo.net] "She's way ahead of fashion no matter what she does."
  203. [JLo.net] Hello! Magazine: Toronto International Film Festival
  204. [JLo.net] JenniferLopez.com e-mail
  205. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez to perform at Peace Concert in Rome
  206. [JLo.net] Photos: More Toronto International Film Festival "El Cantante" Premiere
  207. [JLo.net] Critics love Jennifer Lopez/Marc Anthony film El Cantante
  208. [JLo.net] Jennifer's Visit to a Fertility Clinic
  209. [JLo.net] Photos: Toronto International Film Festival "El Cantante" Press Conference
  210. [jloDOTnet (JLo.net) YouTube] Jennifer Lopez and E! Entertainment at MTV VMAs
  211. [JLo.net] Photos: Press Conference in San Juan
  212. [JLo.net] Photos: Concert in San Juan with Marc Anthony
  213. [jloDOTnet (JLo.net) YouTube] Jennifer Lopez and Extra at San Juan, Puerto Rico Concert
  214. [JLo.net] JLo To Debut New Fashion Designs At Fashion Week Miami Beach
  215. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez Sued Over Jet Bills
  216. [JLo.net] Photos: 2nd Noche de Ninos Gala
  217. [JLo.net] Video: Extra at San Juan Conference
  218. [jloDOTnet (JLo.net) YouTube] Jennifer Lopez and Extra at the Noche de Ninos Gala
  219. [jloDOTnet (JLo.net) YouTube] Jennifer Lopez and Access Hollywood at Noche de Ninos Gala
  220. [JLo.net] Video: Noche de Ninos Gala Interviews
  221. [JLo.net] Filming of "Que Hiciste" music video for Spanish album
  222. [JLo.net] Photos: Miami Fashion Week - JLo by Jennifer Lopez
  223. [JLo.net] Photos: Miami Fashion Week - Sweetface by Jennifer Lopez (1 of 2)
  224. [JLo.net] Video: Noche de Ninos Gala on E!
  225. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez to perform in Nigeria in December
  226. [JLo.net] Jennifer Lopez receives $1.5 million to perform at birthday bash in Russia
  227. [JLo.net] Photos: Miami Fashion Week - Sweetface by Jennifer Lopez (2 of 2)
  228. [JLo.net] Photos: 2006 Ace Awards - Red Carpet
  229. [JLo.net] Photos: 2006 Ace Awards
  230. [JLo.net] Latin Grammy Awards
  231. [JLo.net] Photos: 2006 Latin Grammy Award Person of the Year Dinner - Red Carpet
  232. [JLo.net] Photos: 2006 Latin Grammy Award Person of the Year Dinner
  233. [JLo.net] Photos: 2006 Latin Grammy Awards in NYC
  234. [jloDOTnet (JLo.net) YouTube] Jennifer Lopez on El Gordo y la Flaca at the ACE Awards
  235. [jloDOTnet (JLo.net) YouTube] Jennifer Lopez on Escandalo TV at the ACE Awards
  236. [JLo.net] Video: Jennifer Lopez at Tony Bennett's 80th Birthday Party
  237. [jloDOTnet (JLo.net) YouTube] Jennifer Lopez at Tony Bennett's 80th Birthday - The Insider
  238. [JLo.net] Photos: Tony Bennett's 80th Birthday Party and Concert (1 of 2)
  239. [JLo.net] Photos: Tony Bennett's 80th Birthday Party and Concert (2 of 2)
  240. [jloDOTnet (JLo.net) YouTube] Jennifer Lopez at Tony Bennett's 80th Birthday - Extra
  241. [JLo.net] Jennifer Makes The Cover of Bazaar & Their Best-Dressed List
  242. [JLo.net] Photos: Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Wedding
  243. [JLo.net] Photos: LA Free Clinic Gala
  244. [JLo.net] J. Lo's Ex Fights To Release Tell-All
  245. [jloDOTnet (JLo.net) YouTube] Jennifer Lopez at Tony Bennetts 80th Bday - Access Holl
  246. [JLo.net] Video: Jennifer and Marc at "Pursuit of Happyness" Premiere
  247. [JLo.net] Video: Que Hiciste MTV Tr3s Preview Clip
  248. [JLo.net] Jennifer laughs off reports she is a Scientologist
  249. [JLo.net] Jennifer's new online reality show
  250. [JLo.net] Video: Jennifer Lopez on Extra with an X-Mas surprise!