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Random featured blog entry from The Farmer Longed For The Princess

Pain is a strange thought!

Posted 11-20-2010 at 06:32 AM by hnmorning12

[FONT=Times New Roman] Life is like a piano, easy campus nocturne fingers waving in our free fall.Time is like a "wizard", the more you want to catch it by hand, but it spared a turn faster. Recollections of the past, all the good times into endless thoughts. Missing is a weaving in the heart of love. Once the true love who moved, who would fall into the never-ending thoughts into ... ... [/FONT][URL="http://www.nike588.com/"][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=#800080]Air Max 90 Shoes[/COLOR][/FONT][/URL][FONT=Times New Roman],Once, some students ask me: "Do you think the happiest thing to do?" "Always be your favorite people thoughts and worries." I express my heartfelt thoughts. Been missing is a sweet and happy! Family, friends, lovers ... ... some people can have such a moment put yourself in mind, in his head, showing its location and unusual treatment. Is this not a happy performance? [/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]Since ancient times, the moon was sent to the "endless thoughts," the implication. As the saying goes, "the moon send lovesickness." Little do they know how many men of letters impressed in famous line "raise my eyes to the moon, looking down and think of home." Immerse in the soft light of the moon, look up, deep thoughts melancholy to me raid to.[URL="http://www.nike588.com/"][COLOR=#800080]Karen Millen Dress[/COLOR][/URL], It gently wrapped me up, full, warm, so I do not consciously reveal a smiling face.Although the expression a bit silly, but the inner feelings of pleasure do not words into. I began to revel in this beautiful moonlight among the ... ... See the moon reflected hazy we play game in the campus scene,thoughts gradually returned to the university campus ... ... Scene of fragment of campus life to reproduce in my mind,brought back my thoughts on which characters. [/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]"You are away from home life all right?" "No matter what happens, especially something sad or upset, let me share with you, okay?" I repeated silently in my mind, far away in a foreign land you feel it? Once, someone says "share the joy, happiness will be doubled; share the pain, the pain will be halved." SSo want to share your pain, let your smile reproduce.[URL="http://www.hellojordans.com/"][COLOR=#0000ff]Wholesale Jordans Shoes[/COLOR][/URL],You should know me "half pain" approach. This is the thoughts and share! By your own thoughts to alleviate or eliminate the pressure, irritability, fatigue, ... ... early part of the time, not all at the same time you receive my information? At that time, I looked at the school before we shot DV, feel you on my side. However, my chest muffled, even when the heart would respiratory convulsions of pain, very uncomfortable! [/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]Tears slid his lips unconsciously, subconsciously licked, and astringent and salty ... ...Tick ... tick ..., received the information you have given me back. "How do you? Is not working too hard, and to always protect your body Well, health is the capital of revolution!" (Though not the same as the information in the expression, but the meaning is the same!) Tears down constantly drops, more and more concentrated in your thoughts. You are my spiritual support, encouraging me to face life a positive and forthright manner, and strive only to work! [/FONT][URL="http://www.hellojordans.com/"][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=#0000ff]Ray Allen Basketball Shoes[/COLOR][/FONT][/URL][FONT=Times New Roman],Miss, is a strange pain. That pain, hurt to the heart of the dam, bones, bone marrow-depth! However, "While uncomfortable sting of heartbreaking, but I still have to appreciate it, because it makes me feel I'm alive!" Physical pain proved the existence and continuation of life and spiritual stagnation of the nerve pain will make people wake up and resumed work on the life and passion, the same time, more people will know how to cherish and care for people around![/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]This Article from:[/FONT][URL="http://www.nike588.com/"][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=#800080]http://www.nike588.com[/COLOR][/FONT][/URL]
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