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Random featured blog entry from The Farmer Longed For The Princess

Heart, such as autumn leaves

Posted 10-07-2010 at 02:05 PM by hnmorning12

[FONT=Times New Roman] Autumn, he gets the hand of the tree, flipping the time of the string. Looked up, the both sides of the pine everywhere, just to find that getting into the late autumn, when the time carved in the branches or shallow or deep wrinkles, when the autumn leaves painted with a trace of the strong, did not know until the fall, the naughty child, has been secretly climbed up the branch.[URL="http://www.nike588.com/"][SIZE=3][COLOR=#0000ff] Jackson Mixed Air Jordan [/COLOR][/SIZE][/URL], At one time, like to hide under the pine in the shade, watching the garden trees downtown, remembering that with you through the day. Jungle, there are footprints of our chase, a tree, there we frolic in the figure, look it adhere to the green, so still time to really think, and stopped. Quiet, hand in hand with you every afternoon, stopping in every moment of you. [/FONT]
[FONT=Times New Roman]Wanted, no matter how persistence can not keep time flies, which jungle yellow clusters are urging the autumn leaves, had exchanged the busy garden trees, stole from my eyes forever. Memories, perhaps, now only memories.[URL="http://www.nike588.com/"][COLOR=#0000ff]Air Jordan 11[/COLOR][/URL] , Leaves, the mature face with smile are so embarrassed, no longer have summer bloom, summer's warmth, it had the green, had the wind dropped, the heavy fall into the mud room. Heart, some cold, looked up, the also have sparse flowers hanging in the branches, silly thought, tomorrow morning's first light, when launched into window frames, in front of sexy to drop, will also have been turned into bright red patch under the tree? [/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]Bustling street corner, there is crowds, even will also see several bags full of shadow, in this harvest season, they harvest is a happy love? Cause of the fruits? Also or too sad eyes? The wind hit, the leaves will slowly drop, but also confused and along the lower line of sight. Once upon a time, do not understand why her is buried in flowers, [/FONT][URL="http://www.hellojordans.com/"][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=#0000ff]Women Jordan Fusions 13/23[/COLOR][/FONT][/URL][FONT=Times New Roman] ,Once upon a time, do not pity the flower faded flowers, because next year, when the setting sun kisses the branches, the flowers still bloom on the branches. Also silly thought, they are eternal, because they can see every quarter figure unchanged. A piece of falling leaves and let the autumn turned wanton interference, they are are unable to return to the branches. [/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]Finally understand that leaves the end of life, reincarnation, she will turn into spring mud, moisture next year, the fate of those like her. Picked up a golden, as if their own shadow, in every spring bloom, but also in every autumn leaving. Spend in the quarter, in the embrace of this short, what I left behind traces of it? [/FONT][URL="http://www.hellojordans.com/"][FONT=Times New Roman][COLOR=#0000ff]James Basketball Shoes[/COLOR][/FONT][/URL][FONT=Times New Roman] ,Days gone by, like wisps of smoke, blown away by the breeze; as mist by the sun evaporated the beginning.Letter touches scattered pine needles, some pain from the finger straight into the bottom of my heart. Sun fire that day, under a tree weaving beautiful dream, and now think, a bit less sorry, a little more relieved. This heart, if it really as the autumn leaves, meet, Waner smile, leave without a tear, maybe they do not feel sad by it.[/FONT]

[FONT=Times New Roman]This Article from:[SIZE=3] [URL="http://www.nike588.com/"][COLOR=#0000ff]http://www.nike588.com[/COLOR][/URL][/SIZE][/FONT]
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