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Official Forum Rules and Guidelines
Users will receive a warning percentage for each of the following offenses below. Warnings given by admins and moderators will usually follow the guidelines below, but may be increased or decreased depending on the severity of the situation. The percentage of a warning, therefore, is ultimately at the discretion of the admin/moderator.

- Posting in incorrect forum (repeated offenses) - 10%
- Not editing posts (repeated offenses) [Edit is available for 6 hours. There is no reason to double post in succession] - 10%
- Vague thread/topic titles (repeated offenses) - 10%
- Spamming [Severe - including promoting one's own web site or promoting some cause] - 50-100%
- Spamming (repeated offenses) [Minor - posts that add nothing to the topic at hand, such as "Ok," and "I agree," "I know," "lol," "haha," and "Yeah!," "Nice Sig!" and so forth. "Thanks" and "Thank you" are *not* considered as spam. This rule does NOT apply in The Void, and the Off Topic forums] - 20%
- Trolling/Flaming [Outright insulting any member (mod, admin, regular users), instigating arguments (such as JLo bashing), unnecessary snide comments, and general disrespect] - 20%
- Obscene Material [Pictures, links, etc. - be it in posts or signatures, whatever] - 50-100%

Other Guidelines:
- Signature sizes currently are set at a maximum of 625 width x 425 height (625x425) and 225KB. Maximum 5 lines and 3 images in the signature.
- Avatar sizes are 100x100 pixels
- Newbies (users who just joined and do not have a certain amount of posts) can not use Private Messages, upload attachments, edit posts, rate threads, or use custom titles
- Do NOT bump threads after a few hours. Give people time to read! Also, please do not bump old threads unless you are contributing meaningful discussion.
- Do NOT repost threads. Search around! There are some "Official" threads in forums where all discussion should be contained to on a particular topic and more than likely somebody has already posted something before. Popular topics are usually "stuck" to the top of forums for easy reach.
- We don't monitor Private Messages
- Threads about fur/PETA are not welcome. It's been debated to death, nothing ever progresses, and people begin to take things to a personal level
- No tracks off official Jennifer Lopez albums should be posted in the Media Center - show support and own the album!

Items marked with repeated offenses means the user continues to do it repeatedly, but only 1 warning will be given in the above amount for *all* those offenses. But, future offenses of ANY above offense after a previous warning may very likely have an increased warning rate.

Newbies (users who just joined and do not have a certain amount of posts) will be exempt from the Minor Spamming, Post Editing, Incorrect Forum, and Vague Topic rules. New users have to learn and start somewhere Regulars should not be flaming Newbie members either.

When a moderator/admin issues a warning, a Private Message should also be sent to the offending user about which offense was broken. When your warning level reaches 100%, you will be temporarily banned for 4-7 days! Currently, warnings will last 30 days. After that time, your level will decrease by the issued warning amount.

Some examples:

1) Newbie A joins the forums and posts in the incorrect forum. Mods will correct the user and tell them in the future to pay attention to where they are posting. Newbie A is now Regular A. Regular A posts in the incorrect forum again. Mods tell this person again to post in the right place. Regular A, again, posts in the incorrect forum. Now, Moderator A issues a 10% warning. Again, Regular A posts in the incorrect forum. Moderator B issues a 30% warning.

2) Newbie A joins the forums and spams a web site. Moderator A bans this user permanently (100% warning issued).

3) Regular A flames Newbie B. Regular A receives 20% warning. Regular A flames Newbie C. Regular A receives 20% warning.

See this old thread for some other Posting Guidelines. Our forum staff listing can be found here: Forum Staff Listing.

Any questions or comments, we're always listening! Please use this thread for comments for questions.

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